Stem cell biology of naked mole rats
Stem cell biology

Stem cell biology of naked mole rats

Updated On Apr 14, 2023

Naked mole rats are the longest living rodent on earth living up to 30 years. This subterranean mammal can survive up to 18 minutes without oxygen and there have been very few reported cases of cancer in them. Scientists have speculated over the years that naked mole rats might be naturally resistant to ageing-associated complexities (cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's etc). As part of my DPhil in Medical Sciences at the University of Oxford, I am trying to figure out how naked mole rats live so long without catching many diseases. I am currently working under the supervision of Dr Shazia Irshad who is based at the Nuffield Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences in Oxford.

The manuscript is now available in a pre-print server while it is going through the review process in a journal.


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