Ramen @ InstaBite
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Ramen @ InstaBite

Oct 4, 2017   |    4057

Food: Ramen

Ethnicity: Japanese/ Korean

Restaurant: InstaBite, Khilgaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Detailed Review:

Ramen is like a noodles soup served with sliced chicken breast and boiled egg. The noodles was uniformly heated and easy to devour using the chopsticks. The broth was a festival of taste on my taste buds triggering salty and spicy teasers here and there. Without a shadow of a doubt, the roasted chicken was definitely the most exquisite portion of the meal. I wish they had accidentally poured more meat into my bowl of happiness. Finally, the sliced egg seemed to complete the diet creating a balance between protein and fat. I'm totally sold on this ramen. 


I would appreciate more chicken in the Ramen. The broth is a bit salty. It could be a little more spicy by adding extra pepper. There were pieces of Mushrooms in the Ramen. I actually did not find it complementing the taste though I love mushrooms. Also, I believe the authentic Ramen has a thicker broth.

Price: BDT 200/dish for one person (Date visited: 4 October 2017)

Heisenberg Rating: 

Food: 7/10

Ambience: 5/10 (It's a very small place. Nothing too romantic or alluring)

Service: 7/10 (Decent service. The place was vacant when I visited. So, can't comment how they handle orders in a rush.)

Google Map: click here

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